The One True Tree Ministries.

Our passion, our why, our it, our just one thing…

So many Pastors are using canned sermons these days and leaving out the deep meaty truth of the Bible. They all seem to have gone to Theology or Divinity school and have all used Bible study tools like Logos, and they have all taught the rich history of the Bible but what they haven’t done is shared this knowledge with their flock.

So many pastors have aligned themselves with some sort of organization that while they say they are Christian, the things they preach and say and teach are far from Christian and far from the deep rich history of the Bible.

So many people (millions) are leaving the Christian Church because they aren’t learning anything about the uniqueness of Christianity.

We are not pastors, we are not even teachers, what we are is people that have studied the Bible for over 40 years.