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May 22, 2014 Moscow Explosion

Filmed by Joel Jennings Warne

On May 22, 2014, an explosion purportedly killed a U.S. diplomat after a "gas explosion" at 14 Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Official reports from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow stated that the decedent diplomat was extracted from the apartment complex and flown by helicopter to a local Russian hospital. As a witness, TOTTM, Inc., can affirm no such rescue occurred.

Department of State watchdog Domani Spero of Diplopundit affirmed that he was contacted via email by someone claiming to belong to the family of the decedent and that the "information blackout" was at the wish of the family. Spero reported that a Google search of the address revealed that the Hotmail address belonged to an employee of the Embassy and in the e-mail itself, the correspondent identified the wrong name of the victim.

TOTTM, Inc., in one form or another, has been battling it out with the Department of State for more than two years now for a list of FOIA requests. Only in October 2018 has the Department contacted TOTTM to inform us that it intends to comply with our requests on a "rolling basis" with an expected completion date of February 2019.